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        Survive as many days as you can! New weapons unlock after each day but you lose everything on death! Zombies are stronger after new dawn so better play safe and try to get on the leaderboard! Game is based on a korean netflix TV show All of Us Are Dead. โœจ 1500 Likes for player getting infected and playing as zombie update ? REACHED! (sorry for the delay update will come out before the end of this week) ? New Update! ? โœ” Zombie AI no more lag โœ” Fire shop โœ” Weapons upgrades (Option to buy W pass so that weapon stays after death) โœ” Added new soundtrack โœ” Outfits shop ? Planned future updates: ? New buildings around school ? Players getting infected after death ? Stronger zombies with different looks ? New weapon ? Daily quests ? Daily rewards ? Zombie player upgrade shop ? Safe zone ? 2x blue fire game pass ? New game version based more on the netflix series (bows melee weapons loot and bigger server)

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