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        ?Welcome to Box Simulator? You can make your complaints via the our dc server ?Use code Update2 for 2000 gems! ?Use code 5klike for 5000 gems! Next Code at 10000 Like ?Smash the Boxes with the your sword! ?Earn new hats and become stronger! ?Earn Coins and buy new swords! ?Earn Gems and upgrade your features! ✅UPDATE [02/24/2022] -✨New Portal! -?4 New Hats! -⚔️1 New Sword! -?1 New area! [✨Ancient Portal] -?Bug Fixes! -?Performance Boost! -❌Auto Delete! -?Stats! -?New Gem Chests! [In Mine Zone] -?Rainbow Huge Chest! [Afk Chest] ?Developers- ?Codieve ?iMasterDev ?You can buy gamepasses on Store section!? ✅Released At: [02/16/2022]✅ ?Follow and favourite for game updates!?

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