?VOLNOIRVE! Creatures of Sonaria

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        Creatures of Sonaria is a WIP of a creature survival game! ?LAST PART OF VALENTINES EVENT! Get Ardor Warden Laharpes new palettes and a new plushie creature!? ?ARCHALIUM IS OUT! Get Erythias dev creature!? ?Play as a variety of creatures ?️Grow up and survive in a beautiful world ⚠️Play as: bleeder/toxic/tank/flier/etc! ☄️ Use exciting combat abilities ?Hang out and socialize with friends ⚔️Group with others and battle as a team ?Hunt in a vast universe ♻️Save trade and store your grown creatures ?Nest in adorable babies and act as their parent to raise them! ⛈️Survive various seasons weather and disasters ✨ Reach a full adult and mutate to become even stronger ? Survive harsh battles and earn permanent battle scars

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