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        ⚔️ Welcome to Sword Factory! ⚔️ ? Join the Roblox group to get a +25% luck boost in both ascender and factory! ? This is a tycoon and simulator based game about creating swords with your factory and gaining cash from selling them or fighting mobs using your own swords! ? Gameplay: - You create swords with your own factory! - Upgrade parts of your factory for better swords! - Battle noobs with your swords for EXP and Levels! - Compete in many leaderboards! ? Update Log: - Added voice chat. - x2 Event is now active! - Fixed the dataloss issue by using updateasync. - Ascender items should not be disappearing now. - Added particles to the character with rares. - Fixed a bug where your factory wont work. - Fixed most of the duping methods available. - Finally fixed the bug with the buy options. - Full update log in the community server. ? Credits: SamirDevs - Developer Ozzour - Map Builder NikoSquared - Game Idea

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