[Update 14] Dogecoin Mining Tycoon

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        Create your own rig to mine Dogecoins in this tycoon! Design your own tycoon to mine as many Dogecoins as possible! Explore the map and complete quests to level up unlocking cool items for your tycoon! Make use of the multiple shelves and cooling options to make your tycoon setup as efficient as can be! ? HOLIDAY UPDATE PART 3 ? PETS ARE HERE! Go to Winter Wonderland for more info! - 2 new holiday quests! - New Candyland GPU! ? UPDATE 10 - New map: Candy Land! - 2 New quests & 8 new GPUs! - Holiday Update Part 1: Winter Wonderland! - Holiday Update Part 2: Holiday Quests! - New arcade minigame! โš ๏ธJoin Ursa Major Games to reduce your exchange fee by 10% and maximize your tycoons profits! โญUse code UPDATE10 for 30 Premium Coins!

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