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        โœ… Updated Content - New Ragdoll System - Vampire Rework - RSPOH Now Obtainable - Kars Remove - The Hand Nerf - Sonic Spec skills change *Updates will only be applied to the new server.* -------------------------------------------------------- ? Commands !Trade [PlayerName] - !Accept - !decline !giveitem [PlayerName] !pay [PlayerName] [MoneyAmount] !check [PlayerName] !rejoin -------------------------------------------------------- ? Trello This game has a Trello site. Search for A Bizarre Village (ABV). -------------------------------------------------------- โ—What game some model did use? - A Bizarre Day - A Universal Time - Your Bizarre Adventure --------------------------------------------------------- This made A Bizarre Day the base and based on Araki Hirohikos JoJos Bizarre Adventure. Please enjoy and thumb up! *Admins never abuse of power. If he abuse of power Most likely he is a hacker.*

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