Ultimate Army Tycoon! ⚔️

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        ? LIKE ? the game and use the code RELEASE for free coins NEW UPDATE: ?New Element Island ? ?️ New Capsules ? ? New Collection Index ? ⛩️ Collect coins and build up your tycoon! ? Open up legendary fighters from capsules inside your base! ⚔️ Build up HUGE 100 troop armies and capture points! ?‍☠️ Morph into your most OP TROOPS! ?️ Unlock and explore new floating islands within your tycoon! ⚠️ The game is in early stages of development were currently grinding out bugs let us know if you find any under group wall ⚠️ ? Join the Zood Studio group to spin group wheel for a FREE troop! ⏬ https://www.roblox.com/groups/5606884/Zood-Studios ? Follow for game updates! ?

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