Survival Zombie Tycoon

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        Welcome to Survival Zombie Tycoon! Collect resources build a defensive base gear up with a huge variety of weapons and team with friends to battle foes and fight off endless nights of zombies! Premium benefits: +Unique chat tag +Unique overhead icon +2X Cash and Energy (4X with Double Value game pass) Spring Update! +Bug fixes (armor heads zombie potion gun failure) +New codes (see group and youtube channel) +2 new badges +Armory revamp +Spring map theme +Buffed M9 damage +2 new night events +Button tracker now tracks all buttons +Server lifetime indicator (top right of screen) +Performance enhancements (server lag reduction) ? Data auto saves ? โœ‰๏ธ Send a message to @hellmatic about any bugs or concerns you encounter in game Find codes here: Tags: zombie survival tycoon mobile iphone console xbox war battle fighting pvp teams allies

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