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        ? Welcome to Starving Artists a game where you can make or buy art sell it and strive to become the most popular artist! Link your clothing to your art for any price and gain Robux from every sale! When someone buys your art the painting will be transferred to the buyers in-game inventory to be kept or resold! ?๏ธ To create clothing click HERE! โญ Hey you! Join the group for a very special surprise.. โš ๏ธ IMPORTANT UPDATE โš ๏ธ New report feature has been added! By playing this game you are acknowledging the rules and regulations of Robloxs TOS. Failure to do so will lead to a PERMANENT non-negotiable ban. Have fun and play safely! โœ… Follow @LAgurlzRBLX & @IntranceRBX on Twitter for sneak-peeks and more! Will you become the next artist with the most valuable painting?

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