[⌛SOON! + x2? + x1.5?] Tapping Legends X

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        ? Favorite and follow the game for updates! ? Like Goal: Use code 2.5klikes in new servers! Next goal is 5k! Use Code release Use Code fixes2 Updates: Usually on weekends! Any random shutdowns are usually critical bug fixes! Welcome to Tapping Legends X! This is the ultimate sequel to the classic Tapping Legends with much more features improved designs and more! Collect pets and explore new areas to explore new possibilities! Tap tap tap! How to play: ? Click the middle button to get taps and hatch eggs! ? Rebirth to get rubies and upgrade yourself! ? Explore new areas for new eggs and pets! ? Collect paw tokens to upgrade other abilities! ⭐ Fuse pets together to make them powerful! ? Shiny Star Games

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