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Project Upright

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        Fard Upright I mean Project Upright is heavily inspired by a game called Stand Upright JoJo game that got shutdown around 2020. (rekt) All gamepass transfer and you are required to buy them from the old game. (game passes are incomplete currently) Updatelog: - Added DTW 0.1% Chance from Unusual Arrow - Added Semi Mobile support (Just get a computer its worth as much as your phone) - Added Trading /Trade (Player Name) - Added giveitem command use /handitem (player name) or /giveitem (player name) - Fixed weird duping bug to drop item you now have to do /dropitem - Fixed stand stats GUI - Major performance upgrade servers can now last 10 hours longer or more - Major hitbox fixed it now have a less delay - Added Mobile Support (part 2 will have More Stands)

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