[NEW CODES] Sonic Speed Simulator

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        ?FREE TO PLAY LAUNCH!? WEEKLY UPDATES PLANNED ?BIG COMMUNITY REWARD at 250K LIKES!? โœจTHE OFFICIAL SONIC THE HEDGEHOG GAME ON ROBLOX! ?Earned rewards: NEW WORLD ? @ 50K LIKES! > Wow. You are all the best! Will reveal soon! SONIC SKIN at 10000 LIKES > dropping soon! The fastest game in Roblox history. ? GET FAST by running to LEVEL UP ? RACE against other players to EARN REWARDS ? UNLOCK NEW WORLDS and go on an incredible adventure ? COLLECT CHAO to increase your stats and collection ? EARN SONIC CHARACTER SKINS to show off to your friends ? BIG UPDATES WEEKLY This game was made by a super team of Sonic Roblox devs some of us who have been making Sonic fan games on Roblox for years! We put Sonic Speed Simulator together in a furiously short amount of time but there will be sooooo much more content being added over the coming weeks months and years! Thanks for playing and we cant wait to hear what you think!

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