(HUGE UPDATE) Stand Upright: Rebooted

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        Bugs are not very present lets go!!1 (If you do find a bug please report it in our community server.) RELEASE!!!!!!!!! In-game commands currently: /check [playername] /trade [playername] /handitem [playername] /dropitem /mount (only works if you own a mount.) /unmount Game gets frequent updates. Shutdown = Update Head Developer/Scripter: i_stabman Animator(s): admpn Modeler(s): Legend_Cario slime868111 Contributors: THANOSMELLBAD (Inner Sanctum Building) FredDey_Z (Artwork) You need to buy the game passes from Original Stand Upright to use them here. Original SU to buy gamepasses from: https://www.roblox.com/games/4519240880/Stand-Upright-testing (Note this process is automatic meaning that once you buy a gamepass from SU you will immediately have it in SU:R.) If you notice that your assets may be in SU:R and you want them removed feel free to contact us. This remake was mostly inspired by Stand Upright in around July 2020.

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