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        ?35K likes for a new code! ? Update 5: - New Sunken City world! - New Exclusive Fish! - New Nightmare Upgrade! - New Hats! - New Fish! - BUG FIXES! - Monster Bubble respawn change: (faster always 2 minutes x World #) - Monster Bubble base reward Increase - Scale Vendor health increased (new scales will last much longer) ?Welcome to Fish Simulator join us in this unbelieBUBBLE journey across several mystical aquatic realms! Farm bubbles hatch awesome new skins and discover whats lurking in the depths. Just remember the world is your oyster! ?️Controls CTRL = Move downwards Space = Move upwards Shift = Shift Lock ✨JOIN THE GROUP FOR FREE CHEST REWARDS! ?20K likes code: FISHGOALS ?10K likes code: FISHSQUAD ?1K likes code: WOOHOOLIKES ?Follow @Barothoth and @FlyesRBLX for exclusive codes and news regarding the game!

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