Death Zone [KNIFE?]

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        ___UPDATE___ -ADDED THE TANK! You can shoot missiles with it raid bases and defeat other players! -MOBILE VERSION HAS BEEN UPDATED WITH ALL THE PC CONTENT AND NEW IMPROVED UI! -YOU CAN NOW JOIN YOUR FRIENDS THAT PLAY ON OTHER DEVICES! -VEHICLE MECHANIC IMPROVEMENTS! Vehicles have a much less chance to fall through the ground -NEW AND IMPROVED MAIN MENU! -Repair kits are more common -Small changes bug fixes and improvements ___Welcome to Death Zone!___ Roleplaying/PvE! Cooperate with other survivors and fight against the monsters! PvP! Fight against other players for resources! Building! You can find materials in order to build a base! Skills & Upgrades! Level up in order to improve on your character! ___Rewards___ If you enjoy Death Zone you can  Thumbs up and  Favorite the game!  70k likes to unlock code for Legendary Animated Skin for all guns!  80k likes to unlock code for 300 free credits!

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