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        ? NEW CODE AT 175K LIKES! LIKE THE GAME (Use last code unlock 150KCLICKS) ? Join the community server for codes update news and to trade with other players! Link down below! ? UPDATE 7 ? ⚙️ NEW STEAMPUNK ISLAND! ? NEW STEAMPUNK EGG WITH 9 NEW PETS! ❓ NEW SECRET PET IN STEAMPUNK EGG! ? NEW REBIRTH & CRAFTED PETS! ? NEW LIMITED TIME EXCLUSIVE PETS! ⭐LIMITED TIME 50M EVENT EGG WILL BE IN-GAME FOR ONLY 3 MORE DAYS! ☑️ Roblox Premium members can equip 1 extra pet! ? Double-tap your jump button to Double Jump! (PC = Spacebar Mobile = Jump Button) HOW TO PLAY: ⚡ Click to get clicks! ? Hatch collect and trade LEGENDARY pets! ? Rebirth to get a Clicks multiplier and Gems! ? Buy rebirth pets & buttons to help you on your journey! ⏫ Unlock more Double Jumps & discover Islands high above! ? Climb the leaderboards & become a Clicking God! ? Updates every week! FOLLOW & FAVORITE to be notified!

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