? [2x SEASON CASH] Giant Simulator

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        ☃️[Cyber City!] Make season pass progress to earn amazing in game items! ⚔️ 2 new permanent seasonal weapons! + Break Tech Boxes and collect Orbs to gain season pass progress! ? Get the season pass to earn awesome bonus rewards! ? New limited pets and artifacts! ?[Rainbow Pets] Merge 5 evolved pets into a RAINBOW pet that is 4x stronger than the base pet! ?[Autosell] Autosell has been added to all the crates! ? Pet evolutions are now available! Merge 5 pets into a new Evolved pet that is 2x stronger! [XBOX] ? Giant Simulator is now on Xbox! ?Like ⭐Favorite and ?Follow the game for more updates! [Group - Join for in game bonus!] https://www.roblox.com/groups/3497226/Mithril-Games Welcome to Giant Simulator! The most competitive simulator on Roblox! Train to become the strongest fastest richest player around! Find epic loot and legendary pets as you level up and dominate the server ?. Can you become a Giant legend?

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