Wing Simulator Game Codes

Updated: May 29, 2024

About Game: Take to the skies and become the highest flyer in Wing Simulator! Earn coins by finding them around the map or by earning feathers, and use these to purchase new and stronger wings in the shop. Achieve greater heights with your new wings, and show off your abilities to other players in-game.Unlock new areas with different environments as you collect more coins, including the Cloud, Space and Cosmic islands. You can also purchase upgraded perks and abilities for your character in the shop, which will allow you to collect more coins as you go. Reach the highest sky islands at the top of the map for greater coin rewards, as well as to look down upon all the other players who couldn't make it below!

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This code credits your account with 100 Coins.


This code credits your account with 50 Coins.


This code credits your account with 100 Coins.