Warrior Simulator Game Codes

Updated: June 24, 2022

About Game: Become a fierce warrior and take out enemies in Warrior Simulator, and progress through the map as you do so. Start your journey with a weaker blade to neutralize enemies, and earn coins by collecting them from around the map and slaying mobs. Purchase new and stronger blades for your battles, as well as new backpacks so you have more room to store the loot that you encounter across the map.You can also spend coins on unlocking new areas of the map, including locations such as Lavaland, The Moon, as well as Egypt. With each new location you will find a new selection of enemies to take down, and the ability to earn coins at a faster rate!

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This code credits your account with 800,000 Coins.


This code credits your account with 50,000 Coins.


This code credits your account with 35,000 Coins.