Warrior Cats: Ultimate Edition Game Codes

Updated: May 29, 2024

About Game: Explore the huge and ever-changing map in Warrior Cats: Ultimate Edition, a role-playing fantasy game where you take on the role of a warrior cat! Starting out, you'll be greeted with a large customisation screen, where you'll be able to select your cat's colour, eyes, and various other physical attributes. You'll then have a to choose a clan - this is the group you'll have to live with, fight for, and also defend, so make sure to choose wisely!When the time comes to go to battle, you'll need to monitor your vital signs to stay alive. Work together with clan-mates to achieve set goals and to claim victories over any other competing clans. Upgrade your cat, make new friends, and help your clan climb to the top!

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This code credits your account with 2M Likes Starfruit Earpiece.


This code credits your account with 400M Visits Earpiece and 400M Visits Necklace.