Undertale Crazy Multiverse Timeline Game Codes

Updated: June 10, 2024

About Game: Take on a series of different enemies in Undertale Crazy Multiverse Timeline, an anime-inspired fighting game where you'll have the ability to assume the role of a human or a monster. Within the central spawn area, you'll be greeted with a wide selection of different characters to choose from.After selecting your character, you'll then have the chance to start your fighting journey where you'll be able to earn in-game "Souls" as you go. These "Souls" are then able to be used to purchase additional characters to play as, each being able to utilize a special ability whilst in battle. Build up a great selection of characters as you earn more and more Souls, and find the one which suits your fighting skills perfectly!

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This code credits your account with 2,000 Souls.


This code credits your account with 2,000 Core.


This code credits your account with 2,000 Souls.