Twisted Murderer Game Codes

Updated: June 10, 2024

About Game: In Twisted Murderer, you are selected to become either a Civilian, Sheriff, or Murderer. Once your role has been assigned, you must complete your objectives in order to win the round. As a civilian and Sheriff, your goal is simply to survive the round until the time runs out.. or to take out the murderer. As the murderer however, you must eliminate all of the Civilians and the Sheriff, being careful not to be shot or taken down in the process.Rounds can sometimes be twisted to offer unique game-modes unlike the classic round. For example, Double Trouble is where there are two Murderers and two Sheriffs, as well as Juggernaut where Civilians team up to take down the Murderer. With a wide selection of unique game modes available, you'll always be trying out something new!

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This code credits your account with the YouTube Power Ability.


This code credits your account with the Pikachu Pet.