Tix Factory Tycoon Game Codes

Updated: May 29, 2024

About Game: Start producing your very own Tix in Tix Factory Tycoon and work your way up to becoming the richest player in the game! Open up your factory on a newly purchased plot of land, and create your very own Tix-producing machines to start earning some cash. Upgrade and purchase more machines to improve your income, and also improve your factory by adding more walls, floors as well as different types of staircases.When you've earned enough cash, you can research new ways of creating Tix to make your factory more efficient. Head over to the mine to gather some ores, and use them to craft different items to support your factory's production of Tix. You can even trade with other players to get rid of any unwanted items and to also gain some hard to find and unique ores!

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This code credits your account with 2 Meteor Tix and 1 2020 Update Summary.


This code credits your account with the April Fools Vehicle.


This code credits your account with the Forgotten Tix Trophy.