The Flash: Earth Prime Game Codes

Updated: May 28, 2024

About Game: In The Flash: Earth Prime, you are faced with two choices: become a hero and protect the world against any threat, or take on the role of a villain and wreak havoc across the planet wherever you see fit. Set within the DC universe, you're able to play as any of your favourite superheroes or villains from the franchise, including characters such as the Flash, Arrow, as well as Supergirl. Explore the large open-world map set out before you, and journey to different locations scattered across the world including Docks, CCPD, and also the Hall of Justice. Battle it out against the opposing team with a wide range of different abilities available to you, and make sure any opponents don't succeed in their plans.

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This code credits your account with Future Flash.


This code credits your account with Savitar(comics).


This code credits your account with the 90s Flash Character.