Pumpkin Carving Simulator Game Codes

Updated: June 24, 2022

About Game: Prepare your carving forks and get ready for a spooky adventure in Pumpkin Carving Simulator! With your sole objective being to carve as many pumpkins as possible, you must journey across the large, open-world map in the search of new and unique pumpkins to carve. By retrieving the seeds from inside the different pumpkins you are able to find, you are able to earn cash back at spawn which can be used to upgrade your carving utensils as well as to purchase pets which help make your journeys a lot more efficient.You are also able to unlock new areas of the map based on the number of pumpkins you have previously carved. You must be careful however; each new land contains a variety of different hostile mobs ready to attack if you come near. Make sure to have strong and powerful weapons with you if you hope to make it back to the spawn alive!

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