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Updated: June 27, 2022

About Game: Live out the life of a Ghoul in Project Ghoul, an anime-inspired open-world duelling game packed with different locations to explore! Starting out as a Ghoul, you'll find that in order to survive, your character will need to feed on the flesh of humans and other Ghouls. Search the local area for potential victims, and improve your battle skills with every duel you partake in. Complete side quests to level up your character, and interact with various different NPCs for cool items and tips for the game.Alternatively, you also have the choice of joining the CCG team. Instead of needing to feed on the flesh of others, you'll be searching for Ghouls as a criminal investigator, in the hopes of finally bringing them to justice. With loads of different paths to go down, your anime journey is completely up to you!

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