One Punch Fighters Game Codes

Updated: June 21, 2024

About Game: One Punch Fighters immerses you in thrilling battles where intense training could lead you to baldness and unmatched strength! Dive into a world of familiar heroes and formidable foes wrapped in a classic, engaging storyline. Perfect for gamers who love a challenge, this game keeps you riveted as you strive to become the ultimate champion.

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This code credits your account with 2 Experience elixir, 2 Exp Boosts, 2 Coin Boosts, 25 Hero Foods, 2 Gem Elixirs, 25 Monster Cells, 2 Lucky Elixirs, 2 Coins Elixirs, 2 Gems Boosts, 2 Damage Boosts, 2 Luck Boosts, 2 Strength Boosts, 2 Strength Elixirs.