Ice Cream Simulator Game Codes

Updated: May 25, 2024

About Game: Eat as much ice cream as you can in Ice Cream Simulator! Start eating your ice cream to earn Scoops, and sell these in-game for cash. Use this cash to purchase and unlock new and exciting flavors, such as Tiger Apple, Minty Sandwich, and even Pepperoni Pizza! Purchase pets to earn more scoops as you go, and also to show off to other players.Complete obbies to unlock hard-to-find flavors, and also to unlock different types of cones to completely swag-out your ice cream. Completing obbies and spending your cash will even allow you to unlock new areas of the map, such as Toy-Land, the Jungle and Cookie-Land.

Codes Stats

2 Active Codes

80 Expired Codes


Codes from this game are case sensitive. They should be typed out exactly as they are shown.


This code credits your account with 500 Tokens.


This code credits your account with 25 Gems.