Godzilla Simulator Game Codes

Updated: May 25, 2024

About Game: Take out buildings, cars, and more in Godzilla Simulator, an open-world game where you get to take down anything that stops you in your path. Roam through different cities, taking down skyscrapers as you do so, and earn XP to upgrade both your size and the skills available to you. You can even challenge other players to a duel, where you can battle it out with each other and earn even more XP if you claim the victory.If you think you can't upgrade any further, you can try a re-birth which will reset your progress, however this time grant you a wide range of perks and abilities which were not previously available. Use these to your advantage by getting an upper hand in duels against other players, and become the most feared Godzilla in the game!

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This code credits your account with 20 Cash.


This code credits your account with 20 Cash.


This code credits your account with 20 EP.