Flood Escape 2 Game Codes

Updated: June 11, 2024

About Game: Take on Flood Escape 2, a game where you and 11 other players are trapped in a room which is slowly filling with water. Complete a series of parkour courses to escape as the water level continues to rise, and be careful not to fall too far behind! Earn XP and coins as you complete each course and use these to buy items in the in-game shop.Purchase different types of auras, skins and emotes to taunt those players who were not fortunate enough to make it through the previous round. If you complete enough courses you may earn enough XP to gain a spot on the leaderboards, where the top 20 are visible to every player that joins the game!

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This code credits your account with 2189 XP, 600 Coins and 60 Gems.


This code credits your account with 500 XP.