Crystal Valley Mining Simulator Game Codes

Updated: May 24, 2024

About Game: Set up your very own mining empire in Crystal Valley Mining, a game where you'll have to join forces with a selection of different animals in order to build up your fortune! By first entering Crystal Valley, you'll be welcomed by a series of prominent figures within the town. Through talking with the mayor, local veterinarian, as well as the eccentric "Sharkmelon", you'll be granted a plot of land as well as your first egg. Once you've hatched your egg, you'll be ready to begin mining at the nearby crystal fields where you'll earn a collection of random and exotic minerals. By selling these new-found crystals using the pets you currently own, you'll be able to earn in-game currency. Whatever you spend your hard-earned cash on is up to you - whether that be new eggs for pets, mining tools, or even just boosts for your character, you'll be sure to have endless fun in Crystal Valley Pet Mining!

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This code credits your account with 300 Gems and 2 Watermelons.


This code credits your account with 10 Wheel Tickets.


This code credits your account with 50 Gems and 1 Epic Morph Cookie.


This code credits your account with 3 Wheel Tickets.


This code credits your account with 10 Rare Cookies.