Christmas Tycoon Game Codes

Updated: June 24, 2022

About Game: Get into the festive spirit with Christmas Tycoon, a game where you have the ability to build up your very own Christmas base! Start off by creating some smaller elf workstations to create presents, and improve your assembly line by adding in gift-wrapping areas as well as item upgraders. Add in walls, staircases as well as a wide variety of rooms to your base, and improve security to make sure you have control over who enters your compound. Sell the presents you make to earn some cash, and work your way up to becoming the richest player in the game!

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Codes from this game are case sensitive. They should be typed out exactly as they are shown.


This code credits your account with the CP Aura and 1,000 Cash.


This code credits your account with 1 Christmas Sword, The Snow Gentleman Package and 500 Cash.