After The Flash: Mirage Game Codes

Updated: May 22, 2024

About Game: After a nuclear war has wiped out nearly all life on Earth, you and a group of friends must roam the newly-created wastelands and scavenge for supplies in order to survive. With dangers such as radiation poisoning, hunger, as well as other humans to look out for, keeping on your toes is vital for survival in this open-world game. Gear up with a wide range of different melee and ranged weapons, and practice your skills to make sure you have the upper hand in the duels you will inevitably find yourself in.Choose from a selection of hotspots across the map to set up camp in, and keep it well defended to make sure no unwanted guests find their way inside your compound. Expand your group of team-mates to cover as much ground as possible, as well as to make sure no one gets in your way again!

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This code credits your account with the Lightning Atom Kick (Tool).